Playing with Landmines

Working at learning to play the game & still be authentic!

I’m Not Unemployable, I Just Have Asperger’s

I read voraciously, and write almost daily but this past week I wasn’t feeling the love from my inner muse. I ran across Rosie Sloset’s article “I’m Not Unemployable I Just Have Asperger’s” article on “The Money Maven” online and it’s brilliant.

The traditional employment world just doesn’t fit, at least it didn’t for me. Working online is an ideal situation. I love the thought of wearing pajamas, drinking coffee, avoiding peopling, and still making money. And while I haven’t succeeded at achieving an income online yet, it is my goal for 2020 to start making this dream a reality.

Throughout my career I have tried every type of job there is…well, maybe not all of them, but a lot. I’ve worked as a care aide, a waitress, an editor, a barista, an administrator, in merchandising, in sales, as a cosmetician, a consultant, an administrator, as a daycare owner, etc. Many of the roles work for a while…until they don’t.

Being paid to write online is my dream job. There are still people involved, but you don’t have to see them every day, and ultimately you have more control over who you do talk with, and why. Plus, for those of us that write regularly – no matter what your genre of choice is, writing is both creative and cathartic. It feeds the soul – at least it does for me.

Until I can support myself as a full-time writer, I have to somehow manage to keep another job. This week I’m starting a new job…again. I love the learning process of starting something new, but I dread the new colleagues, politics, etc. I always feel like I’m playing hop-scotch through a minefield…statistically speaking it’s only a matter of time before I jump on a landmine.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it. New environments always drain me, but the team I’m joining seems rather low-key so I’m hopeful this could be a fit. I was completely unmasked during my interview and it was so freeing to finally be authentic, no fear! This time I disclosed my need for accommodations, and to my new manager’s credit he was very open-minded. Not at all the response I was expecting. Perhaps the work world is starting to be more accommodating to neurodiversities after all. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Until next week my friends,

Prairie ❤️

Published by Prairie

Flatlander Prairie Canuck. Writer. ASD Educator. Advocate for Autism Acceptance. All opinions are solely my own and reflect my own experience. If you suspect you are on the spectrum, please consult with your physician to arrange for an ASD assessment with a licensed (and experienced!) professional.

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