Introducing The Prairie Asperian

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Prairie Asperian! This blog is about the many wonders of being neurodiverse. It reflects who I am, and my journey as a late-diagnosed Asperian (a.k.a. Aspie) woman. For me it is part self-discovery, part-advocacy and part-education about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Level I, (formerly diagnosed as Asperger’s Syndrome.)

This blog is also about life. My life. The Asperian Life. Life in general…its highs and lows, and how to embrace your differences and find your superpowers as an Aspie and thrive. It’s about the right to be who we are in a world full of rules that we didn’t write. Its about finding our tribe and embracing authenticity without the mask. Its about education and advocacy social acceptance to be who we are, with treatment focusing on coping skills. As a part of the newest social civil rights movement for Neurodiversity, I agree with Dr. Temple Grandin when she said, “I am different, not less.”

I couple of things I should mention:

  1. This blog, like so many others…has the usual boring disclaimer. This blog represents my views only, and does not represent any medical or psychological expertise, real or implied. If you suspect you may be on the Autism Spectrum, please see your doctor to arrange for an assessment with a specialist.
  2. I have no wish to debate the pros and cons of identity-first language and person-first. For me person-first language is demoralizing…I am not a person with Autism, I am Autistic, or an Asperian/Aspie. Person first language, for me, implies that I am flawed, or broken, or being Autistic diminishes my value as a person. Please respect my choice in this matter. Thank you.
  3. If I can offer support or advice, please email me directly at I would be happy to share any insights I can, and grateful for the opportunity to do so.
  4. If you have ideas or questions that you would like to see me address here, shoot me an email and we’ll go from there.

Thank you for joining me on this journey! I hope you will enjoy my blog.

Much love,


Published by Prairie

Flatlander Prairie Canuck. Writer. ASD Educator. Advocate for Autism Acceptance. All opinions are solely my own and reflect my own experience. If you suspect you are on the spectrum, please consult with your physician to arrange for an ASD assessment with a licensed (and experienced!) professional.

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